Abodid Sahoo

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The roots of all creativity lies in designing something; be it a graphic art or a mobile interface or even a video. Everything in this world is designed.


I love capturing candid moments of our daily life. Event photography and travel photography facinates me more than anything else.


For me a film or video is more about the flow of emotions and rhythym in it. From the visual storytelling to the music production I love the whole process of making a video from start to end.

What I love doing

Most of the time I am engaged in some video editing gigs and live shoots. Apart from that I love anything creative be it graphic design and UI-UX design or music production and motion graphics works.

Video Editing

This is something where my heart lies and I can do this day in day out. I sometimes wonder at the power an editor has in bringing life to the visuals.

Visual Design

I believe that a good design sense is mandatory for anyone in creative field. I am decently proficient in visual design aspects and comfortable with the Adobe Suite.

UI-UX Design

This emerging field has indeed stole the heart of the market. This is a really interesting field and I love exploring more on this.


I love capturing candid moments anytime and anywhere. Be it an event or a local street, the happiness that I get after having captured a perfect moement is unparalleled.


I feel that the movement of camera can indeed express the mood of a scene better than anyhting else. I love the way how this brings in a complete mood swing.


I love writing non-fiction. You can find me writing on a wide variety of topics including self-motivation, creativity, filmmaking, photography and visual design.

What Others Say

Some unsaid stories about me by some of my closest buddies.


“Except for being a Heroine, Abodid can replace any member of a filmmaking crew be it director, cinematographer, editor, animator, choreographer, music producer, graphic designer or marketing head. One thing that distils Abodid from the crowd is his pursuit to become 'world class' in every form of creative media. A trusted friend, a creative mentor, an ever-growing talent, and a networking genius are a few terms synonymous to Mr. Sahoo.”

Bharat Apat, UX Designer.

“Abodid can easily be labeled as one of the most rational and pragmatic people in this sphere. Ph.D. in Photography & Cinematography, Diploma in Dance & Btech in Predictive modeling of one's life as one might tag him, this lad is born multitalented. Apart from such honors in technical backgrounds, he has got all the assets to be a full-time Oriya-Rapper. His down to Earth and obliging nature has helped him in procuring many allies.”

Amit Kumar Das, Business Analyst.

“Excelling in almost every fields, this enthusiast has got a knack for dance, direction, superb video editing and animation, and many more skills I fail to jot down here. Housing such deftness and dexterity, he has also got a golden heart, whose tales of friendship and helpfulness are heard all over. From a mere MECH student to the President of Cinematics and being the FMS secretary, this person has proved he is indeed a jack as well as master of all trades.”

Sonalisa Patel, Software Development Engineer.

Know more about me.

Conveying a story in the best possible manner through the audio-visual medium has always been a passion for me.

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